Club for UNESCO of Alba, Langhe e Roero

The Club for UNESCO of Alba, Langhe e Roero has been established il 18 Ottobre 2011and is enrolled as a Non-profit organisation with Decree n° 11 of 01.25.2013.
The main purpose of the Clubs for UNESCO is to promote understanding of and support for UNESCO’s mission, priorities and programmes at the grassroots level. They thus contribute to the promotion of UNESCO’s values, messages and actions
History (ed. 2019) - Italian only

The 50th Site - Wine Grape Landscapes of Langa-Roero Monferrato

International Bodies

In the site there is an index of institutional sites of the United Nations and the European Union. This index allows the user to access the institutional sites of these Organizations directly and thus to have information about their activities.

World Heritage

UNESCO recognised sites

The World Heritage Convention was adopted by the general UNESCO Conference on 16th November 1972.
This Convention has the aim of identifying and keeping a list of sites of exceptional value from a naturalistic and cultural viewpoint.
Identifying these sites occurs on the basis of specific criteria that govern the inclusion of sites in the list.

UNESCO World Heritage List selection criteria
Italian treasures of World Heritage
Italian treasures of Intangible Heritage

Candidacy History

Langhe-Roero and Monferrato in UNESCO World Heritage

This site provides information about the course and history of this candidacy.

On the spotlight

Schemes 2019-2020

"Un Roero da Favola" contest
Given the relevant interest for this contest, the Club will propose again the contest "Un Roero da Favola"; the Club will issue the announcement and the plan of events on this web site.


The documentation (also in multimedia form) regarding the schemes, activities and events which involved our Club's Members is given here.
More details - History (ed. 2019) - Italian only


The activities of the Alba, Langhe e Roero UNESCO Club is based on schemes that are defined according to planning conforming to UNESCO indications through an original and multifaceted interpretation.
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UNESCO themes on which the Club Operates
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Other cultural themes

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